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Aradia Witch

Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this gorgeous witch figurine is perfect for your altar or addition your homeWearing a black corseted dress, Aradia sits cross-legged on the ground, cradling her grimoire with her legs whilst staring into the burning wick of a candle. The perfect gift for your witchy pals! Measures 14 cm high..

Awaken Your Magic Sand Timer

Awaken Your Magic Sand Timer From Gothic and fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Inspired by her Awake Your Magic art which features a Snowy owl gliding through the sky grasping a pentagram pendant between its talons. The sand timer features two owls, above them is ambrigram of MAGIC which can be viewed from any direction or perspective.Measures 17.5 cm high x 15 cm wide..

Balance of Nature Tea light holder

NOW ON PRE ORDER!!! STOCK DUE IN MIDDLE OF APRILBalance of Nature Tealight holder This beautiful guardian of the forest has thick networks of blossoming branches encasing her body. A thick canopy of leaves cascades from her hair as she tilts her head backwards, poised to the sky.She holds two tealights in her slender hands, offering thanks to the Gods of the forest.Made of resin and hand painted p..

Bat Key Holder

This vampiric wall plaque is the perfect place to hang your keys A large Vampire Bat has his wings spread wide, as if gliding through the sky. His piercing eyes are red in colour, which adds to his dark charms. Each tip of the wings form the small hangers and can be used to hang keys or jewellery, the options are endless. Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this ..

Binx - Cat on Spell Book Box

Binx small witches familiar Cat on Spell book figurine boxThis charming cat figurine is cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted. Binx is feeling playful while sitting inside the pages of an emerald spellbook. With a purple Witches hat on his head, he can be lifted to reveal a spacious storage box compartment below, the perfect gift for the charming witch in your lif..

Brigid Statue

Brigid StatueBrigid: Goddess of the Flame and of the Well! Goddess of all inspiration and creativity, all translation from the Divine to earthly form — and hence Goddess of childbirth and healing as well as all writing, arts, and crafts.She is a commonly celebrated Wiccan Goddess. Maiden Goddess, Goddess of springtime and new growth, Her festival is held on Feb 2, a Cross-Quart..