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Magick Circle

Mother, Maiden & Crone Oil BurnerA beautiful depiction of the Maid, Mother, Crone - Triple Goddess symbolism.This Mother, Maiden and Crone Oil Burner is the perfect centrepiece to any altar. Illustrating the stages of life there stands a young maiden, a pregnant woman and an elderly lady, all holding a a glass plate where oil can be burned. Each wears a hooded gown with intricate roo..

Malpuss Statue

PRE ORDERDUE IN END OF JUNEMalpuss Winged Occult Cat.This cat is the union of good and evil. The black cat, sits and stares at you adoringly. As you look into its black eyes you notice the darkness that resides. Inside of this cat appears to be a vampire spirit, encapsulated by bat wings protruding from the cat's back, and its abnormally large canine teeth. The cat is decorated in ornate silver de..

Merlin Statue

Merlin StatueCast in the finest resin before being given a bronzed finish, this Ancient Mythology figure is a wonderful addition to any altar or sacred space. This magnificent Merlin statuette can bring magic to any home. Standing tall, the great wizard Merlin stares ahead, robes swept about him by the wind. He clutches his magical staff close, the sacred oak topped by a glass orb. Cast ..

Mermaid Cat Statue

Mermaid Cat StatueThis charming figurine is a part of the Snapcats collection. Sitting up expectantly and looking at you with wide eyes, this adorable sea-foam green kitty has a blue fish tail. Their shirt proudly proclaims “I am a Mermaid”, with strategically placed coral-pink seashells framing the words. A starfish rests on their head, startled by their emergence from the ocean surf. Cast i..

Morrigan Statue

Bronzed Morrigan and Crow StatueCast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and carefully hand-painted, this Celtic goddess figurine. Standing on a rocky battlefield, the Morrigan, Celtic goddess of war and death, has a sword drawn, her red dress slit up to the thigh. She wears knee-high boots, and her long hair cascades over the torc around her neck. Her left hand is outstretched,..

Mother Earth Statue

Earth Mother StatueThis beautifully detailed hand painted polystone statue has a velveteen backing on the bottom.This beautifully detailed figure derives from Oberon Zell's Mythic Images. Cradling the world as a pregnant belly, it shows our Mother Earth protecting what she has created. The cravings on her legs portray the creatures of the sea and those on her arms show the foliage of the forest, a..