Oracle Perfume Oil
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  • Oracle Perfume Oil

Oracle Perfume Oil


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The small dusty room creaks to life as the lace clad lady walks in,

Her milky white eye casts over the cards keeping her secrets within,

A fire crackles as she sips at her whiskey She’s ready to start her decent,

Into a world of thinning veils and diabolical tales,

She bows her head in lament.

Top Notes: Honeysuckle, Tobacco

Heart Notes: Smokey leather, Burnt sugar

Base Notes: Spiced plum, Scotch whiskey

All perfumes made using fragrance oils and essential oils. Roll onto your skin and let he fragrance envelop you,

Not for internal use 

Size 10ml

Roller ball applicator.

Comes gift boxed

Screaming Mandrakes perfumes are handmade in Devon by our friend Claira and delighted to be a official stockist in The Wonky Broomstick. Bit of blurb about her company:

When I started this business it was purely out of the want to make a perfume that smelt like nothing you were able to get in the shops.

As we have grown I have come to realise a lot of people were searching for the same thing.

What are we to do when we want a perfume that smells like a windswept moorland a dusty library or the crisp fresh earth on an Autumn morning?

Screaming Mandrake perfumes exists to create what others will not, the strange and unusual…..

Est. 2019

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