Altar Tools

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Pentagram T-Light Holder

Wonky Altar Supplies Circular Candle Holder with 3 T-Lights spaces Pentagram DesignMeasures approx 15 cm x 15 cm This beautiful wooden tealight holder is a wonderful addition to your altar or sacred space. ..

Purple Pentagram Soapstone Plates - PAIR

Wonky Altar Supplies This lovely Soapstone incense dish is perfect for use on your altar.The incense plate has a Pentagram design, with a hole in one corner for standing an incense stick in and a cone can be placed in the middle if required. Price is for a Pair of incense plates Approx 10cm x 10cm. ..

Tibetan Brass Bells - PAIR

Wonky Altar Supplies Pair of Tibetan Brass Majira Bells.A good pair of Tibetan Brass Tingsha Chimes / Cymbals / Manjira Bells Linked with a hand made blue and coloured cotton cordChimes have been used for centuries by Tibetan Buddhists in preparation for meditation and other religions also use it in different way. The bells are 5.5 cm in diameterThe colourful cord is 60 cm in length..

Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron - SMALL

Wonky Altar Supplies Great for the altarTriple Moon design on the front with goddess in moonThis lovely cast iron cauldron features three legs and handle. This wonderful cauldron will add flare to any room or altar and is the perfect size for brews incense and smudges.You can burn charcoals directly inside the cauldron being cast iron but I would suggest adding either sand or dirt i..

Triple Moon Chalice

Wonky Altar Supplies Triple Moon Goddess ChaliceHand engraved triple moon goddess chalice. Made of Stainless SteelA good size being just over 13 cm in height. Excellent for any altar, sacred space, ritual or decoration...

Triquetra on Stand

Triquetra on StandA triquetra with an interwoven circle on a stand. This copper coloured, textured triquetra is supported on a stand and is approx. Used in Christian, Wiccan and Celtic designs it is representative of a trinity; in Christianity the 'Holy Trinity and in Wiccan the Triple Goddess aspects. Also found in the Ancient Book of Kells and in more recent decades has gained new interest ..