Blue Cell Spell Lamp
  • Blue Cell Spell Lamp
  • Blue Cell Spell Lamp
  • Blue Cell Spell Lamp
  • Blue Cell Spell Lamp
  • Blue Cell Spell Lamp

Blue Cell Spell Lamp


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Wonky Hoodoo range 

Beautiful glass everlasting spell lamp is an old spell casting tradition to do magickal work.

The cell lamp is 50ml in size

The idea of our everlasting spell lamp is that you pick the lamp of your choice then you select the special colour oil you wish (sold separately) then decant oil into the lamp and before you light the wick you concentrate on what you want to attract.

Each of our spell lamps are hand finished and contain healing crystals inside (you can of course add your own talismans/crystals if required) to help with your magical work and as such the charm colour may differ slightly but the lamp will still represent the choice you have selected when purchasing ie blue spell lamp to represent the following below: 

Blue is a soothing colour and is connected to spirituality, inner peace, and harmony.  Promotes wisdom, truth, tranquillity, rest, healing, serenity, patience and kindness.  Burned for dream magick and prophetic dreams.  Encourages loyalty, understanding, and a peaceful home.  Use it to invoke or represent the element of Water.  Meditate with a blue candle to help focus your mind.

NEVER leave a lamp unattended and when you have finished snuff out the flame. NEVER blow out your flame as you will blow your wish away.

Then when you are ready to relight lamp before lighting the lamp reaffirm your spell.

You can keep your spell going as long as you see fit or until goal has been achieved hence the name everlasting spell lamp as you just purchase extra oil and keep filling lamp as required. With each lamp you will receive instructions on how to fill but also refer to picture on listing with instructions on how to use.

Please note this is sold as a curio

Please keep out of reach of children

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