Herbs and Resins

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Valerian Root - Organic

Wonky Witches Store cupboardOrganic Valerian RootDream magick, reconciliation, love, and harmony. Placed in sachets for love & protection and used in sleep pillows. It is said that having Valerian Root nearby will settle an argument between a couple. Used to purify sacred space. Used as a substitution for graveyard dirt/dust in spells. Use in protection baths. Burn for reconciliation in ailing..

Vervain - Organic

Wonky Witches Store cupboardOrganic VervainProtection, purification, money, youth, peace, healing, and sleep. Bury in the yard or keep in the home to encourage wealth, protect from lightning & storms, and bring peace. Put under the pillow to prevent nightmares. Use as an incense to end unrequited love. Use in prosperity spells. Carry to prevent depression and/or bring creativity. Use in cleans..

Violet Flowers

Wonky Witches Store cupboardViolet FlowersCalms the nerves, draws prophetic dreams and visions, stimulates creativity, and promotes peace & tranquillity. Violet leaf provides protection from all evil. Violet crowns are said to cure headaches and bring sleep. Carry or give to newly married couples or new baby & mother to bring luck to the bearer. Keep a spray of violets on the altar to enha..