Herbs and Resins

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Chickweed - Organic

Wonky Witches Store cupboardOrganic ChickweedUse for fertility and love work. Carry or use to attract a lover or maintain your current relationship. Useful for lunar and animal magick, especially the healing of birds.Also Called: Starweed, Satin Flower, Starwort, Winterweed, Stitchwort, Tongue Grass, Adder's Mouth, Indian Chickweed, PasserinaIdeal to use in spell work or add to your own incense bl..

Cleansing Herb Blend

Wonky Witches Store cupboardCleansing herb blendThis wondrous mix contains the following and perfect for using to cleanse with:Senna - Magickal uses include all matters of lust and love. Enhances tact & diplomacy. Bathe with your mate in an infusion of senna to ensure faithfulness.Fennel - Imparts strength, vitality, sexual virility; prevents curses, possession and negative problems. Use ..

Coltsfoot - Organic

Wonky Witches Store cupboardOrganic ColtsfootWealth, prosperity, and love. Use in love sachets. Sacred to Brighid. Use in spells for peace and tranquillity.Coltsfoot makes an ideal base herb for a visionary smoking mix, although it is inactive by itself.Also Called: Coughwort, Hallfoot, Horsehoof, Foalswort, Fieldhove, DonnhoveIdeal to use in spell work or add to your own incense blend and burn on..


Wonky Witches Store cupboardDamaniaLust, sex magick and attracting love. Useful for any love or sex spells. Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities. It is said that this herb should be stored in a container with a quartz crystal. Highly useful in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests. Note: Internal use of this herb can be toxic ..

Dammar Gum Resin

Wonky Witches Store cupboardDammar Gum Resin In the Malaysian language, the word ‘Dammar’ means light and is a reference to the light fracturing quality of this resin. It also describes its ethereal nature. It is used to dispel the demons of depression and bring light to the depth of the soul. In Malaysia it is used for healing and protection and to get in touch with the light beings.Since pe..

Dittany of Crete - Organic

Wonky Witches Store cupboardOrganic Dittany of CreteUsed in a magical context, Dittany is an excellent cleansing herb. It can be used to protect the house and personal sphere against invasive evil entities (which are often visualised as arrows), for cleansing the circle, and as a banishing herb to cast out evil spirits and to repel venomous creatures.Dittany was sacred to the Hunter Goddess Artemi..