Essential Oils

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Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil is a clear smelling oil which can help to lift the mood and alleviate depression. It's also thought to be useful in the treatment of cellulite and as a skin toner thanks to its astringent properties. A few drops of oil added to a bath dispersant will help uplift your spirits and energise so you are ready for the day or evening ahead. A few drops of Lime Oil sniffed f..

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is another good astringent - it can help to combat areas of the skin where acne breaks out and improve dull looking skin. It's particularly effective when used to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy - always diluted in a carrier oil. This will create a lovely massage oil which should be applied from the 5th month of pregnancy onwards. Use daily. You may also like..

May Chang Essential Oil

To utilise the calming and tranquillising properties of May Chang simply burn or vaporise before you settle down to sleep. May Chang's antimicrobial properties are easily employed in blends for oily skin and acne care: use up to 5% in an astringent carrier oil such as Hazelnut or Grapeseed. It has a gentle cooling effect, and acts as an excellent overall skin tonic. May Chang Essent..

Melissa (Blend) Essential Oil

Melissa (Blend) makes a lovely room spray which has a lovely fragrance and can help to uplift your spirits.It's a lovely calming oil which can help you to relax at bedtime.Melissa (Blend) is also known as "The Female Oil" - dlluted in a Carrier Oil it makes a lovely massage oil which may help alleviate the symptoms of PMT.10ml in size Never use pure oils on the skin without dilu..

Myrhh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil can help in the treatment of coughs, colds, sore throats and bronchitis. It's also good for mouth and gum disorders but should only be used for oral treatment under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapist. It is known as a revitalising oil. Non-irritant and non-sensitising, it can be used as an astringent and anti-wrinkle agent when added to creams and carrier oils..

Neroli Light Essential Oil

Neroli Light blends well with floral oils - try mixing with Rose Geranium or Jasmin for example. When diluted in one our extensive range of Carrier Oils it can help alleviate the symptoms of PMT and the menopause. This is due to its wonderful calming quality You may also find Neroli Light helpful with problems of emotional origin. Properties include: Bactericidal, fungicidal, deodorant, ..