Essential Oils

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Geranium Essential Oil

Traditionally used as a skin freshener and astringent - excellent for all skin types. Used in skin care products for both its fragrance and cleansing properties, and also for massage where there is cellulite. Balancing to both mind and body and emotionally stablising, Geranium essential oil is also astringent, haemostatic, good for stimulation, diuretic, toning and antiseptic. It's also ..

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil has many applications. It's useful as a travelling aid as it can help with travel sickness & tummy upsets when used diluted as a rub. Used for aching muscles, arthritis, nausea and poor circulation. It stimulates appetite and improves digestion. Its warming qualities are also used in the treatment of colds and catarrhs, coughs, respiratory congestion, sinusiti..

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil is traditionally used as an astringent skin conditioner.It's very effective at removing toxins from the skin and stimuates the lymphatic system making it a great oil to use in anti-cellulite preparations.It's a good oil to use after exercise. It's high in Vitamin C and a handy pick me up for people with S.A.D (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) as it refreshes and uplifts ..

Ho Wood Essential Oil

Ho Wood Essential oil is deeply nourishing and supportive to the immune system. Used for healing from an infection, cold or flu, as well as for assisting in sleep. Ho Wood is also a sedative. It can also help in reducing inflammation, spasms and pain in muscles and joints. Camphor and Ho Wood come from the same tree. Camphor is distilled from the wood of the tree, while Ho Wood comes ..

Hyssop Essential Oil

Hyssop essential oil is a potent antiseptic and can be used to relieve bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. It is effective against coughs, colds, diarrhea, asthma, sore throat, fever, influenza, catarrh, and tonsillitis. Try using it in a burner or vaporiser to help protect your family from infection during the cold winter period. Hyssop may help relieve congestion. You might also li..

Juniperberry Essential Oil

Juniper oil is found in many detox blends and is reported to be effective for promoting excretion of uric acid crystals and excess toxins from the body. Can be used to promote healthy nerve and kidney function. A recent study showed Juniperberry to be an extremely effective antifungal oil, especially against yeast like fungi (especially Candida Fungus which can cause thrush in humans). ..