Essential Oils

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Bog Myrtle Essential Oil

Bog Myrtle Essential Oil  Botanical Name: Myrica Gale Bog Myrtle is great as an insect repellent especially midges. Bog Myrtle essential oil is used in Aromatherapy and cosmetic preparations for oily skin, open pores and problem skin. It is also a traditional ingredient of Royal Wedding bouquets, and is used variously in perfumery and as a condiment. Bog myrtle essential oi..

Borage Oil Cream

Borage Oil is universally recognised as nature's best aid for dry and flaky skin. It contains a higher amount of (GLA) Gamma Linolenic Acid than any other natural product. This helps to restore moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin.Borage Oil has also been found to provide relief to sufferers of eczema and atopic dermatitis.Also contains Lavender and Chamomile to further enhance the soot..

Cade Essential Oil

Cade Essential oilBotanical Name: Juniperus oxycedrus  A large evergreen shrub up to 13ft high, with long dark needles and brownish-black berries about the size of hazelnuts. The essential oil is obtained by destructive distillation from the branches and heartwood.  Blends well with: Cedarwood; Clove Bud; Labdanum; Origanum; Rosemary; Thyme  Aromatic Scent:&n..

Cajeput Essential Oil

Cajeput Essential Oil is a lovely oil to use in the colder weather as it produces a wonderful warming sensation when applied via massage to the skin. It's also a great way to clear a stuffy nose when used in a steam inhalation and also inhibits the bacteria in the mucus formed during colds and flu helping to slow down or halt the development cattarh and sinusitis. It can also be be vaporis..

Calendula Diluted Absolute Essential Oil

Calendula Diluted Absolute (5%) is a delightfully gentle oil which is especially useful for children and nursing mothers.It can soothe nappy rash in infants as well as cracked nipples during breastfeeding.It has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to soothe the effects of insect stings and bites and can also be used to treat minor cuts or burns thanks to it's astringent properties.It may a..

Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor Essential Oil is a lovely oil to use during colder weather as it has a wonderful warming effect when used in massage solutions. It's also great to inhale (try adding a few drops to a bowl of steaming water.) It can also be an effective insect repellent, especially against flies and moths. Traditionally used as a deodorant, soothing agent, skin conditioner and muscle relaxant. ..