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Lisa Parker Tarot Familiar Cards

Lisa Parker Tarot Familiar CardsFrom the artwork of the world renowned Fantasy and Spiritual artist, Lisa Parker, TAROT FAMILIARS is a deck full of charm, cuteness, mystery and insight. The magic breathes life on each of these cards, creating a world that is well beyond the extraordinary.Contains 22 Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana and instructions ..

Medicine Cards Deck and Book Set

Medicine card book and card set  by Jamie Sams, David Carson  Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals Discover the powerful divination system based on ancient Native America teachings and traditions. This revised and expanded edition of Medicine Cards is an attractively boxed set including an illustrated book and a bea..

New Mythic Tarot

The New Mythic Tarot Deck by Giovanni CaselliThe New Mythic Tarot brings together all the elements that made the original version such a necessary deck for all tarot enthusiasts—a deck that depicts the gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines of the Greek myths and a book that helps the reader explore them as familiar archetypal characters, whose experiences mirror the shifts and patterns of daily ..

Oracle of the Ancient Celts - The Dalriada

Oracle of the Ancient Celts - The DalriadaOracle cards for ancestral wisdom and guidance.It's and illustrated with superb original art work inspired by the rich Celtic tradition thus inspiring deck and accompanying guide will help you gain new insights and wisdom about your past, present and future. ..

The Native American Tarot

The Native American TarotArtist Sergio Tisselli, booket by Laura Tuan. Tarot knowledge is combined with the shamanism of Native Americans in this Tarot deck, in which wisdom and strength originate from a harmony with the forces of nature.78 meditative cards with instructions. ..

The Sensual Wicca Tarot

Sensual Wicca TarotBy Nada Mesar - Artwork By Elisa PoggeseA Wiccan version of the world of sexuality, from sexual magic to problems of couples and relationships.This is the message: "Follow the cycle without end of the sacred Sabbat, encounter the Great Goddess, the Horned God and the Maiden, the Mother and the Old Woman. Come and discover the secrets of love and of loving relationships." Here, t..