Rose Quartz Pendulum
  • Rose Quartz Pendulum
  • Rose Quartz Pendulum

Rose Quartz Pendulum


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One of the most commonly used tools for divination and dowsing is a pendulum. The art of using a pendulum is something that anyone can learn and master, and enjoy experimenting with 

Pendulum dowsing can be used in a variety of different ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making. Pendulums can also be used for:

  • Healing purposes and identifying allergies.
  • To cleanse and dispel negativity in a room.
  • To help you find lost objects or pets.

Rose Quartz sphere measures 2 cm in diameter.

Chain measures 18.5 cm long.

Rose Quartz is for spiritual awakening, love, healing, balance, creativity.

Comes with a protective pouch!!

Rose quartz has many different properties it can be used for Protection, Healing, Psychism & Power it also represents the 4th Chakra.

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