Yule Tealight pack
  • Yule Tealight pack
  • Yule Tealight pack

Yule Tealight pack


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Yule Tealight pack

Made especially for The Wonky Broomstick.

6 Solid colour tealights in each pack and are perfect for any ritual or altar use.


2 x red tealights

2 x white topped with gold glitter tealights

2 x dark green tealights

Each candle burns for approx 1.5 - 2 hours.

This pack has been specifically designed for the sabbat of Yule (December 21st.)

To prevent fire and serious injury always burn the candle within sight.

Keep candle away from draughts and vibrations and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Never burn the candle on or near anything that catch fire.

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